Comparing 35mm Lenses From Back Then and Now

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 2.30.47 PM

It’s been a week since I’ve posted anything. The reason for this was because I wanted to wait for my 70’s 35mm Nikon prime lens. I thought that the lens would give off an old kind of vibe such as a late 70’s/ early 80’s gasoline-smeared VHS kind of look, or a degraded 70’s esthetic. Oddly enough, it did quite the opposite. The way the light hits the lens makes the images look really soft and gorgeous, and its crop ratio is pretty tight.

The lens itself feels really nice. It’s made out of metal, so the focus ring feels really smooth. The ring has notches in it, and I love that as well.





My first lens was and still is a modern 35mm Nikon prime lens. Its focus ring feels really rough because it’s made out of plastic. I think the whole thing is made out of plastic. Maybe, the body of the lens is made of metal, but I can’t tell. It probably is. Nikon’s new G lenses aren’t my favorite because they are being mass produced. This means that they are choosing quantity of quality.

Even though the body of the G lens isn’t incredible, the quality of the glass is fantastic. It’s sharp, crisp and gritty, and I will most likely be using it for news stories and documentary pieces because it’s faster. But, the older lens is my new top choice for shooting film. It is just incredible.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re tired of reading my writing, and you want to see a comparison video. Well, here it is.

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