Microsoft Explains The Xbox One’s Used Games/ Sharing Policy


Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it would be cancelling its E3 post-press roundtable conference, which means that the press will not be able to ask Microsoft questions after its E3 conference.  Today, Microsoft went into further detail about its used games policy on its site.

According to Microsoft, when a title is released, Xbox One users will be able to purchase a physical copy at select retailers or download a digital copy from Xbox Live. Once the user installs the copy of his or her game to his or her Xbox One, he or she will be able to the play the game without the disc. Since every game is uploaded to Microsoft’s digital cloud, any owner can play his or her games on any Xbox One as long as he or she is logged into his or her account.

When it comes to sharing with your family, Microsoft is allowing owners to create a shared games library. From there, users have the ability to allow 10 family members to access any title from that used games library, which means that the family members can play the shared games from anywhere.

Just like before, users will be able to trade in their used disc-based titles at participating retailers. Microsoft will not charge users or retailers extra for the trade in.

Finally, Microsoft will not charge people’s friends for using his or her used titles. Instead, Microsoft came up with a system for sharing used games. The player’s friend must be on the player’s friend list for at least 30 days, and the friend can have the game only once.

Stay tuned for Microsoft’s E3 conference, which will take place on June 10.

[Source: Microsoft]

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