How Microsoft Can Have A Successful Next Gen. Xbox Conference

On May 21, 2013 Microsoft will be announcing its newest Xbox to the world. According to Microsoft, E3 will be all about the games and world exclusives. So, if Microsoft wants to succeed in wowing potential buyers and out-do Sony’s PS4 conference, what will it need to do?

1. Have reliable servers for its online viewers


When Sony had its conference back in February, its servers were horrendous. The servers could barely hold 50,000 people, and would crash every five minutes. Mind you, this was a worldwide presentation; millions of people should have been able to view the conference.

If Microsoft wants to have a good conference, it will need to provide its viewers with high-caliber servers, so they can watch the conference in all of its glory.

2. Have a presentation that is more heavily aimed towards the player/consumer


Again, Sony’s conference felt as if it was strictly aimed at developers and potential investors. It played things extremely close to the chest with games such as Killzone 4, Media Molecule’s newest title and Diablo III. Besides Jonathan Blow’s The Witness and Sucker Punch’s Infamous: Second Son, the Sony conference was a bore. Most of the PlayStation 4 conference was aimed towards the power of the PlayStation 4, and what a good investment it could be.

Yes,  developers and investors are important, but the audience is even more significant to the success of a company.  Microsoft needs to get intimate with its audience by telling them how its console could benefit the consumer. It also needs to reassure the viewers that it has learned from its past mistakes by explaining and showing them that this console won’t break after a few weeks of use.

Although Microsoft fixed the red ring problem with its Xbox 360 Slim model, the error could always occur in its newest console.

3. Show off its hardware and not just a controller


Sony neglected to show off its newest console. Many of the heads at Sony didn’t even know what the console looked like because the final design was not in place. The only items it showed off were the Dual Shock 4 controller, Eye Sensor Bar and Move controller. The fact that Sony didn’t show off its newest console turned off and surprised quite a few people.  Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb responded to Sony’s move by stating, “Announce a console without actually showing a console? That’s one approach.”

Microsoft will most likely show off its newest Kinect 2.0 sensor bar. But, it needs to put that console on display. The console is more than a piece of technology; it is a piece of art that owners will keep in their homes and look at on a daily basis. The design of the console will most likely influence/motivate a portion of consumers to buy the console.

Microsoft intrigued and eventually sold me on its Xbox Slim when it announced it back in 2010. It looked slicker, and the design was improved due to the upward ventilation system. Hopefully, it can sell me on its newest console this time around.

4. Destroy Its Audience With Four or Five Brilliant IPs


Although Microsoft announced that it would be saving its world premiers for E3, it still wouldn’t be a horrible idea for it to reveal four or five impressive, exclusive IPs. It would be incredible if Microsoft officially revived franchises such as Primal Rage and Beyond Good and Evil. It would also be nice to see one or two new IPs come from Microsoft.

5. Exclude a segment that involves some guy who is infatuated and obsessed with the number of polygons in his games


That part in the Sony conference where David Cage explained to audience the amount of polygons he had in each of his games made me want to jump out a window.

Cage went on and on about how polygons are the key to emotion, and that video games are nothing without them. He then went on to show a high-resolution model of an old man’s face and talk about how he could see the world in its eyes. Now that’s what I call creepy. Microsoft, for the love of God, please don’t make your audience sit through that.

Microsoft’s conference will take place on Tuesday, May 21 at 10:00 am Pacific Time.

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